PiKon Sign

3D Printing + Raspberry Pi = PiKon

Pikon is a telescope made from the latest disruptive technology and is available now on PiKon.Online

In September 2014 we presented the PiKon, a 3D printed, Raspberry Pi powered astro-cam. We wanted to show how these disruptive technologies could put the realisation of a DIY, home made telescope within the reach of anyone. The response was fantastic, with national press coverage and thousands of hits on our PiKonic web site. Now we want to help anyone who wants to build their own PiKon by offering everything from 3D printer files to a complete kit with 3D printed components and optics.

PiKon teamed up with We Do 3D Printing of Sheffield, to provide all the bits you'll need as perks and even offer some fully built PiKons for people who just want to create Raspberry Pi programmes for astronomy.

Through our social media, we'd also like to establish a community where makers, astronomers, Pi programmers and educators can share information, experiences and of course, images.

For more information see:

Indiegogo Project Page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pikon-3d-printed-telescope/

Pikon Webpage http://pikonic.com

Twitter Page https://twitter.com/PiKonCamera